An Open Letter to the Harvard Corporation

We are all members of the Harvard community, and each of us values our affiliation. It has been said that "places, like people, only prosper if they are loved," and know all of us love Harvard. We sign this pledge—committing to donate one dollar, and no more, to the University for the foreseeable future —not in anger, but in sadness and in hope.

Harvard has changed in ways that have made it unrecognizable to us. When living up to its ideals, Harvard fosters healthy disagreement but demands decency. It’s a place deeply imbued with a sense of moral purpose.

But Harvard's response to the Hamas terrorist attacks of October 7th revealed that the University has lost its way.

Many questions of right and wrong are hard. But some are easy. Raping women is evil. Torturing and murdering children is evil. Filming those heinous acts to glorify the perpetrators, humiliate the victims, and bring further pain to the families of those harmed is evil.

It should not require three statements (the latter two following a faculty protest) for this University and its leadership to condemn these evils. Still more, University leaders, while giving proper due to the demands of free speech and robust debate, should have the moral courage to tell their students who support evil that those students are wrong.

Harvard's initial silence and its ongoing failure to condemn the abhorrent statement endorsed by 30 of its student groups is part of a larger problem. A campus culture has developed in which Jews feel unsafe, and there have been several instances of intimidation and even violence leveled at Jewish students. And those who do not adhere to an increasingly militant ideological line are unwelcome. The time has come for meaningful remediation, such as that advocated by the new Harvard College Jewish Alumni Association.

We want to support Harvard to further its mission of seeking truth, advancing new ideas, and promoting enduring knowledge—but we cannot do so until Harvard rediscovers its historic values and takes concrete steps to address the growing problem of antisemitism and intolerance that has taken hold within its gates.






Board Chairman & Senior Advisor

  • Olympian, two-sport NCAA Letter winner, Air Force Academy Graduate, former U.S. Senate candidate
  • Cited by Child USA as the leading expert on the governance issues in USOPC which led to the Larry Nassar scandal
  • Led the efforts in US Congress to pass Olympic Reform legislation in 2019
  • During his 2022 run for U.S. Senate, Bremer garnered considerable national media attention for his staunch support of protecting the category of women’s sports from biological men
  • Founded Nine PAC and Protecting America’s Daughters to continue this fight
  • Will serve as Riley Gaines’s agent, spearhead fundraising efforts, and build a cohesive and sustainable brand for Riley Gaines through his media connections and marketing experience


Board of Directors

  • Father of Riley Gaines
  • Played football at Vanderbilt University and in the NFL
  • Was the subject of an ESPN 30/30 detailing the relationship between him and former Ole Miss player, Chucky Mullins
  • Substantial experience in business and private capital
  • Him and his wife, Telisha, have 4 children and live in Nashville, TN


Board of Directors

  • •Two varsity sport athlete at North Carolina State University
  • •Gates-Cambridge Scholar & PhD in Finance and Real Estate from UC Berkeley
  • •Currently manages over a dozen companies
  • •Serves on the Board of Directors of the Berkeley Institute, the Center for Bioethics and Culture, and Lycée Rochambeau French International School in Washington, D.C. where his 5 children attend






Executive Director

Finance Director

  • The most recognizable figure and leader in protecting women’s sports from the woke transgender ideology 
  • Has been hosted by the Speaker of the House, U.S. Senate Republicans, CPAC, and Former President Donald Trump 
  • Tied for 5th place in the 200-yard freestyle with biological male, Lia Thomas at NCAA Championships 
  • Featured in 20+ advertisements for Republican Governor, Senate, and Congressional candidates in the 2022 Election 
  • Testified in front of state legislatures, spoken at conferences, amassed a long list of media, digital, and print hists on conservative and liberal news outlets 
  • Graduated from University of Kentucky in 2022 with plans to attend dental school, but felt called to continue fighting for girls and women to enact change

  • 4x All-American and 2x PAC-12 Champion Swimmer at USC
  • Former Congressional Aide to Congressman Doug LaMalfa (CA-01)
  • Former Deputy Campaign Manager to Eli Bremer for U.S. Senate
  • Will manage Riley Gaines’s schedule, assist with fundraising, and manage all back-end operations
  • Will track bills in the legislature and establish communication with bill sponsors to assist in advancing the bill
  • Will be point person to oversee all social media and communications strategy and execution with On Message
  • Will oversee Grassroots Coordinator

  • 20+ years of experience across the political process
  • Has worked in fundraising since 2007 raising over $130 million in her career
  • Fundraised at local, state, and national levels setting her apart form others in her field
  • Created and executed strategies for direct mail, online/digital, e-mail, and major donor fundraising
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Adrian Ashkenazy  A.B. '96

Judy Greenstein A.B. '85

Kiran Lang A.B. '93/'94

Larry Carson A.B. '93

Edmond Safra A.B. '98 

Rebecca Brooks A.B. '2017

Sara Siris Nash A.B. '99 

Bradley Nash A.B. '99

Merav Galper A.B. '06

Ben Galper A.B '02, MPH '07

Tally Zingher A.B. '99 (Class Marshal), HLS '06, HKS '06

Yuval Grill A.B. '03

Adam Katz A.B. ‘07, JD/MBA ‘13

Samuel Swartz M.B.A. '20

Emily Shire A.B. '11

Dana Gibber A.B. '09 

Stanley Stern M.B.A. '80

Jacob Victor A.B. '09 

Harry Ritter A.B. '06

Rebecca Rohr Ritter A.B. '08

Salek Brodsky A.B. '96

Michael Broukhim A.B. '07

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Kiran Lang A.B. '93

Noah Swartz M.B.A. '2023

Zoe Bernstein A.B. '02

Reuben Kopel A.B. '98

Jessica Levin A.B. '87

Paige Holtzman A.B. '10 

Dara Horn A.B. '99

Derek Lewis H.B.S. '05

Allison Gordon G.S.D. '06

Jesse Kellerman A.B. '01

Jessica Rosenfeld Cohen A.B. '07

Libby Shani A.B. '02

Evelyn Goldberger Sassoon A.B. '75

Heather Powell A.B. '03

Rabbi Matt Abelson A.B. '02

Kira Sirote A.B. '92

Peter Bronstein A.B. '65

Rebecca Stone A.B. '04

Michael Esrubilsky A.B. '97

Zoe  Bernstein  A.B '02 

Naomi  Steinberg A.B. '88


Alissa Brotman A.B. '97

Daina Gurevich A.B. '11

Aliza Stone Howard A.B. '10

Jonathan Bresman 
A.B. '95-'96

Shuli Karkowsky J.D.

Gabriela Berner A.B. '19

Aaron Rosenberg A.B. '99, J.D. '02

Lewis Chester MBA '97

Joshua Kosowksy A.B. '88, M.D. '96

Jeff Kosowksy A.B. '85, 
A.M. '87, M.D. '95, PhD '95

Jon Jacobs A.B. '76

Judith Stern Lobel A.B. '85, J.D. '89

Nancy Rubin A.B. '83

Jennifer Popack A.B. '08

David Keidan A.B. '66, 
MBA '68

Wolff Klabin A.B. '96

Dan Granirer A.B. '89

Michal Geller A.B. '95

Rachelle Soriano A.B. '08

Eliav Assouline MBA '02

Amy Comander A.B. '97

Anna Redmond A.B., 
A.M. '04

Ethan Taub

David Aronoff MBA '86

Mark Helprin A.B. '69, 
A.M. '72

Beau Jewell MBA '14

Kelly Christiano A.B. '88

Miriam Kosowsky HLS '89

Jerry Fortinsky A.B. '73

Sam Weiss A.B. '76

Adam Smith A.B. '89

Madras Gartenberg 
A.B. '96, MBA '06

Sivan Gompers A.B. '15, MBA '22

Gideon Valkin A.B. '07

Ron Shiloh A.B. '98

Marlee Ehrlich A.B. '16

Jon Stein A.B. '97

Debra Zik A.B. '93

Lenn Goodman A.B. '65

Andy Barnett A.B. '97

Alexandra Lobel Gindi 
A.B. '16

Jessica Fleischer A.B. '10

Irit Tau-Webber A.B. '97

Sharoll Fernandez Sinani EdM HGSE '23

Mark Lurie A.B. '95, 
MBA '07

Linda Lourie A.B. '87

Laura Rapoport MPH '18

Julie Schenker J.D. '13

Chaim Schwarz J.D. '14

Abraham Rudy J.D. '14

Steven Eisenberg 
MBA/J.D. '13

Dina Huebner A.B. '88

Sahil Mahtani A.B. '08

Geoff Rodkey A.B. '08

Maurice Lefkort HLS '89

Andrea Silbert 
A.B. '86, MBA '92, KSG '92

George Flesh A.B. '68

Ira Robinson Ph.D. '80

Russell Rothstein A.B. '90

Richard Braverman 
Fellow '89 Childrens/HMS

David Chesler A.B. '83

Marten Hirsch J.D. '91

Sandra Kinney MPP '81

Emily Benedek A.B. '80

Ruth Oratz A.B. '77

Jay Breese A.B. '69

David O'Connor 

Laurie Jacobs J.D. '81

David Saemann A.B. '83

Jason Levine J.D. '94

Nicole Simourian
Chapman A.B. '88, MBA '94

Or-el Valknin J.D. '21

Sarah Tesar M.P.P. '16

Or Alcon LL.M. '17

Tamar Ben Artzi LL.M. '17

Nathan Low A.B. '82

Michael Norwich MBA '73

Elizabeth Rozen A.B. '81

Nicole Salama A.B. '97

Stanley Mark A.B. '73, 
MBA '76

Susan Kalson A.B. '80

Michael Zaslow A.B. '73, M.D. '77

James Nuzzo J.D. '94

William Waller J.D. '94

Ari Vanderwalde A.B. '00, MPH '05

Marc Weinberger 

Ezra Reinstein A.B. '94, 
J.D. '98

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Michael Tisch 

Zach Yoshor A.B. '18

Marty Bowen A.B. '91

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Thomas Richardson 
A.B. '78

Gadi Slade MBA '00

Stephen Exelbert MBA '68

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Tiffany Denenberg 

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Kevin Sneader HBS '93

Emily Kaplan A.B. '08

Eben Broadbent 

Alex Safian Ph.D. '87

Barb Cohen Ph.D. '84

Liran Gordon A.B. '81

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 A.B. '99

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Matthew Doberman 
A.B. '97

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Laurence Goldfarb A.B. '88

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Eric Cohen '74

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A.B. '90

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Edward Schifman 

Jimmy Levine A.B. '87

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J.D. '11

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MBA '93

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Donald Christopher 
A.B. '74

Liran Gordon A.B. '81

Lori Bernstein A.B. '80

Francis Patrick Barron 
A.B. '73, J.D. '78

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Jessica Moyal MBA '14

Jeff Kichaven J.D. '80

Alan Kaufman J.D. '70

Ellis Levine A.B. '59

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Michael Kosowsky 
Ph.D. '20

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Leila Schneps A.B. '83

Benjamin Gruenstein 
A.B. '96, J.D. '99

Rachelie Alperovitz 

David Glickman A.B. '01

Zachary Shrier A.B. '99

Ellen Simon J.D. '05

Bruce Schneider A.B. '64, M.D. '68

Karen Hoffmann

Rory Hachamovitch '02

Jonathan Tower H.B.S. '02

Jonathan Bush H.B.S. '97

Jeremy Freedman MBA '86

Joel Davidson A.B. '76

Amy Friedman A.B. '81

Oscar Starobin A.B. '50, M.D. '54

Warren Grossman A.B. '93

Mark Wagman Ph.D. '81

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M.D. '69

Marjorie Greenberg  
M.A. '68

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Richard Brail 

Naomi Siegel A.B. '79, 
MTS '84

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Dan Drosman J.D. '93

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Kerry Roddy H Teeple 
A.B. '87

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J.D. '72

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Michael Simons

Judith Tellerman GSE 
MAT '71

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Donna Friedman A.B. '89

Mark Rubin '84

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Tiana Koppel

Amie Perl A.B. '96, MBA '03

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Silvanus Erickson 

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J.D. '64

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MBA '19

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Andrea Silbert A.B. '86, 
MPA '92

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Veronika Rundbaken 
H.L.S. '12

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Pearl Steinbuch '80

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Mark Rosen MBA '88

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MBA '83

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MBA '00

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A.B. '83, J.D. '86

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A.B. '90

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Harry Rubin A.B. '85

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Eli Noam A.B. '70, A.M. '72,
J.D. '75, Ph.D '75

Katherine Rosenberg-Wohl
A.B. '83, J.D. '86

David Rosenberg-Wohl
A.B. '83, J.D. '86

Kimberly Cooper A.B. '92

Jenny Colman A.B. '90

Janice Roca Rosenfeld 
A.B. '87

David Weiner A.B. '00

Henri Shahrouz GSAS

Frederick Chen A.B. '91, 
S.M. '91, Ph.D. '95, M.D. '97 

Amanda Keidan '99

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Lynn Penner 

Fred Lowenfels A.B. '66, J.D. '68

Jeffrey Chapman J.D. '83

Michelle Barmazel
MC/MPA '14

Kevin Steinberg A.B. '92

Brett Simon A.B. '79

Joel Hornstein A.B. '92

Eylon Goldfinger HBS '25

Erica Zabusky A.B. '84

Gal Lin HKS '17

David Ridl J.D. '81

Fernando Levy Hara 
AMD '09

Jeffrey Chapman J.D. '83

Yuval Zukerman ALM '09

Claudine Cohen GMP '17

Andrew Arends A.B. '92

Josh Pincus MBA '17

Louisa Hoberman A.B. '63

Robert Glueck A.B. '73, M.D. '77

James Segel A.B. '67, 

Richard Gilbane A.B. '75

Harold Goldfarb A.B. '57

Gerald Marinoff M.D. '69

Allen Jeremias M.S.

Bernard Aboda A.B. '79

Judith Tellerman GSE 
MAT '71

David Cohen A.B. '80, 
MBA '24

Ephraim Gerber C.A.S. '89

Marty Rosenthal A.B. '68

Robert Brown A.B. '70

John Smith A.B. '85

Richard Rockwell MBA '92

George Flesh A.B. '68

Jonathan Sheiman 
Ph.D. '79

Bruce Schneider A.B. '64

Jonathan Burack A.B. '64

Jill DiLullo 

Emily Van Dyke A.B. '03,
MPH '09

Tamer Yalav ALM '23

Eleonora Bershadskaya
MBA '19

Evan Bernstein A.L.M. '11

Roland Tec A.B. '88

Kerry Hurwitz H.K.S. '96

Jessica Hanover A.B. '95

James Marcus MBA '94

Mary Anne Mannes Sack 
A.B. '79

Mary Jane Rein Ph.D. '93

Brian Eizenstat MBA '03

Daniel Goodkin A.B. '06

Rosina Lanson A.B. '06

Liane Clamen A.B. '91, 
M.D. '98

Steven Janowsky Ph.D. '90

Joseph Gerstel J.D. '17

Neil Morganbesser A.B. '86,
P '24, P '27

Russell Wolff A.L.B. '06

Lance Dodes M.D. '70

Jeremy Hirsh A.B. '92

Carmelita Bouie A.L.M. '26

Michael Sarid A.B. '86

Jacques Stambouli H.B.S. MBA '02

Elliot Stein '13

Janet Pearl A.B. '87

Gordon Cohen Ph.D. '74

Rachel Altfest A.B. '01

Mike Bassett A.B. '64

Laura Biezup A.B. '89

Sam Weiss A.B. '76

Mia Kramarz MBA '09

Judah Weinberger 
H.M.S. '80, G.S.A.S. '80

Jonathan Rosenfield '84

Henry William Taeusch 
A.B. '61

Peter Segall M.A. '85

Daniel Hamburger 
MBA '90

Eric Palley A.B. '84

Mark Heiman A.B. '00 

Yael Kaufmann MBA '17

Diana Hurwitz A.B. '87

Martin Roth A.B. '04

Jordie Gerson H.D.S. '04

Michael Schwartz A.B. '96

Ari Brettman A.B. '04

Steven Schwartz A.B. '86,
J.D. '89

Lewis Rose

David Mansell MBA '98

Elliot Gershon A.B. '61, 
M.D. '65

Susan Dyshel Sommovilla A.B. '70

Rebeca Permuth L.L.M. '99

Susan Stevenson Borowitz A.B. '81

Jayson Hymes M.P.H. '81

Assan Burger A.B. '04

Howard Lebowitz A.B. '85, 
M.D. '90

David Joseph M.D. '85

David Frank J.D. '88

Jessica Kraetschmer 
A.B. '93

Kirsten Glantz A.B. '94

Jonathan Dorfman A.B. '76

Henry Rascoff A.B. '92

Mark Abensohn A.B. '74

Bruce Lieberman A.B. '88

Noah Seton A.B. '00, 
J.D. '04

Marnie Stiglitz A.B. '99

Judith Fox A.B. '79

Susan Dyshel Sommovilla A.B. '70

Rachel Sommovilla A.B. '99

Steven Laufer A.B. '99

Lawrence Hyatt MBA '80